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US Army National Guard - Warrant Officer Resume Example

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❶Just get a hold of your handler through the usarec site. Qualified in leadership and human behavior, leadership theory and application, law, moral reasoning for leaders, and basic psychology.

Battalion Training Officer & Language Program Manager, Chief Warrant Officer 3

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But I used the time to really emphasize me. But me and my accomplishments. Rely less on your unit and more on your contributions to its success. Print out a copy and leave it on Chief's desk next to his hat and keys. He's probably just walking around the building right now. He'll see it when he gets back. Excuse me, but where the fuck did I indicate that I haven't followed the checklist? Every warrant I've talked to has advised me to get additional LORs, even if the checklist only requires a senior aviation warrant and an aviation field grade to write a LOR.

So that is what I'm doing. Don't worry about the rest of my packet, that is irrelevant, and for me to worry about. This is literally the only part of the fucking packet where I could use some outside advice. I posted this in order to get help from those who may be academically smarter than me, or have had experience writing LORs.

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Want to add to the discussion? Or put "bigly," both sound equally stilted. This is heroic but irrelevant. Have your S-1 look over the formatting. I'll try to reword it so that part can flow better. Acronyms Dammit, I know better lol thanks for the catch. A couple of examples of what I mean: Becoming a pilot in the Armed Forces has been a dream of mine ever since I was a child Sounds past-tense. Speak in the now or at least in the recent.

I believe being an Army Aviator would allow me to have a tangible impact on the lives of those I serve with If it's bolded, it's weak. You can do better. Let me get set up I'll pm you Edit: I am available for further discussion of this matter at Dyslexia got the better of me, my bad. Imma need you to stay with me. Can't edit on a work computer so I can give better feedback later. For all of your joining and reclassing needs. For the more advanced questions.

For all your duty station needs. Click here or on "wiki" in the top tab menu. Some quick tips I learned for anyone putting in a Warrant Packet. Here are some things I learned from both fellow NCOs and my own experience that might save you from missing your submission deadline. It has to be a stamp. Even if the stamp is just their printed name and position it has to be there. The standards have changed recently and they will not accept it. Chances are your packet will get kicked back for something that is specifically the opposite of what the USAREC website says.

When this happens you will have to contact the corrections people and link them to the part of the USAREC website that explains why something in your packet is, the way it is.

That is as far as I have made it, so after that I am just as much in the dark as anyone else. Keep in mind that they change things all the time, so, while these are true at the moment these may not be applicable later.

I'd be very very very surprised if he was trying to fly instead of going T. Not being able to be on profile when dropping a warrant packet actually forces out a lot of technically gifted NCOs that would probably rock as warrants.

I should have added that to the info above. It took me a month to even get the appointment. The physical expires after a couple of years, but they are really hard to get. If you are even thinking about going warrant, you should get it knocked out. And they expire either 18 or 24 months after you get them, so that's fun.

I forget which for techs. So if you are using army fillable PDF files, what's the coa? Print them out then scan them as PDF files? Yes, print them out and scan them. There are free options of it, but you would have to do it from your home computer. When I submitted my final packet, I got a message three days later saying there were two corrections that had to be made.

I made them and submitted the corrections less than 24 hours later. Since I had submitted my packet weeks ahead of the deadline, the corrections were in before the actual packet deadline.

They chose not to process them until the next board. I think I'm at the same point in the process as you are though but haven't heard back since submitting my corrections last month and getting confirmation they were received. It's a pain in the ass that the check your application status is down too. Just get a hold of your handler through the usarec site. I emailed mine while I was on staff duty one night, and he replied at like 9 at night on the same day saying I was good.

I've seen on different sites that you can go warrant without a degree and some say you need a bachelors like basic officers. The basic requirements for us signal nerds are competency related, plus some English and the TABE, iirc.

Of course, the more college, the more competitive you are. I'm still getting my degree either way because even though I want to ride out the Army. I'd rather make sure I have that degree for free. Either way, get your degree. It doesn't make the difference in competance, but it is a huge boost to your resume and should be relatively easy to get in most series jobs.

They want your packet to be consolidated into only a few pdf files, like , with a max size of 5mb. There are several third party free programs you can get to do this, and your 6 shop does have the ability to get you acrobat pro, if they know how.

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WARRANT OFFICER RESUME (This form will be used in place of the resume.) PRIVACY ACT STATEMENT List service, impact or achievement awards received during each assignment tenure. you are non-Army, the resume takes on increased importance in conveying your qualifications to become an Army Warrant Officer.

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I am a Warrant Officer in the the Army National who has dedicated his civilian and military career to various fields of the Aviation industry. Through my professional experiences I've developed many skills that help me maximize the performance of myself and those around me. Shortly after high school.

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Find the best Warrant Officer resume samples to help you improve your own resume. Each resume is hand-picked from our large database of real resumes. The Army's Warrant Officer Recruiting Command recommends applicants start on resumes as they begin the packet, reviewing and revising as they go. Set your completed resume aside for a day or a week before returning to it and then proofread it carefully for spelling, grammar or formatting errors.

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Could I bother someone to check my Warrant Officer Resume Summary Draft and Letter of Recommendation? ( submitted 1 year ago * by Snavery93 35FML. This is an actual resume example of a Warrant Officer Strength Manager who works in the Officers Industry. LiveCareer has Officers resumes in its database. LiveCareer’s Resume Directory contains real resumes created by subscribers using LiveCareer’s Resume Builder.