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Civil Liberties Essays (Examples)

Why Is the Constitution Important?

❶When looking back at our history our civil rights have changed our life forever

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Civil Liberties, Habeas Corpus, and the War on Terror

In this case, three students wore their armband to school as an expression if their objection to the hostility in Vietnam and their support for a truce. They were however suspended by the school officials. According to the Supreme Court, the wearing of an armband for the purpose of expressing certain views and opinions is the type of symbolic act that is covered by the protection of the First Amendment.

It is foolhardy to believe that the students and teachers shed their constitutional rights to freedom of speech or expression once they enter their school campus. There was also no indication that the students who wore armband disrupted the class. The argument therefore by the school authorities that their act was reasonable based on their fear of a disturbance that the act may create from the wearing of armband is untenable.

On the other hand, the Supreme Court took a different position in the case of Hazelwood School District v. The principal however objected and wanted these parts removed. According to the Supreme Court, though the students do not shed their constitutional rights to freedom of expression at the schoolhouse gate, it must however be emphasized that the First Amendment rights of students in public school are not automatically the same with the rights of adults in other settings and must be applied in the light of the special characteristics of the school environment.

A school need not tolerate student speech that is inconsistent with its basic educational mission even though the government could not censor similar speech outside the school. In this case, there was the need to protect the privacy of individuals whose most intimate concerns are revealed in the newspaper and there was violation of the legal, moral and ethical restriction imposed upon journalists within the school community.

Thus, the school principal acted reasonably in requiring the deletion of the pregnancy article, the divorce article and other articles in the newspaper. I think the court should uphold the right of the students to the exercise of Freedom of Speech and Expression.

I f there is an arena where the people should be allowed greater latitude in their exercise of freedom of expression, it should be the arena educational institution. It is only here where the veracity and efficacy of ideas are truly examined. It is here where ideas of students are examined in their barest. There is no employer-employee relationship in schools. Inside the house, the child will more often than not have to obey the authoritative figure of his father.

There is no father—son relationship to be worried about in school. Why do our civil liberties matter? Your essay should be well-organized and include support from the story for your main ideas. If commenting on the essays please remember the rules and stick with positive suggestions that can help the author.

Focus on the essay structure and quality. The following guidelines are by no means compete, but can serve as a guide for useful suggestions.

Freedom of speech is a great amendment, and everyone in this land can feel free to express their feelings. Being able to say what you want freely is great and all, but you should never use that to your advantage, especially to hurt other people. They are meant to be free as well. No one should ever brag that just because they are one color and someone is another, because we are all humans meant to live together. As you may see, freedom of speech and being who you are two key points in living life the right way.

Humans-no matter how much different they look from each other-are meant to live together, not apart. We are all at a equal level, and no one should feel as if they are lower than the people around them. If we treat everyone the way they want to be treated, this world would be a better place to live in. I am a little unsure what your thesis statement is in response to the prompt. Why do civil liberties matter? These are vague pronouns. It was overturned by Brown vs.

Board of education in However, as a contributor commenting on this post, I must say that it led to further dispute over civil rights which eventually led to the Supreme Court reconsidering their decision in Brown v. Board of education and eventually overturning it. Board of Education was a landmark United States Supreme Court case in which the Court declared state laws establishing separate public schools for black and white students unconstitutional.

After a first trial going to the Board of Education, the Court held that busing was an appropriate remedy for the problem of racial imbalance in schools, even when the imbalance resulted from the selection of students based on geographic proximity to the school rather than from deliberate assignment based on race. They deliberated for a year, at which point they issued a second ruling, Brown II, which avoided specifying what sort of racial balance might constitute compliance.

For example, after the Civil War and the ending of slavery by the 13th Amendment to the Constitution , the governments of the former slave states found new ways to discriminate against black Americans. They enacted laws to require separate public facilities for blacks and whites. Blacks were required, for example, to attend separate schools, to use separate public rest rooms, and to use separate public drinking fountains. The separate facilities for blacks were supposed to be equal to the facilities provided for whites.

In reality, however, the facilities for black people were rarely, if ever, equal in quality to those provided for whites. For example, one neighborhood may include only white families, and another nearby neighborhood may include only black families. However, this racial segregation may have developed informally in response to social and economic factors, not as a requirement of the law.

De jure segregation has been declared unconstitutional by the U. Board of Education the Court ruled against de jure racial segregation in public schools.

In subsequent cases the Court outlawed racial discrimination in other areas of public life. In Congress passed the Civil Rights Act, which outlawed de jure segregation. The Civil Rights Act of enacted July 2, is a landmark piece of civil rights legislation in the United States that outlawed major forms of discrimination against racial, ethnic, national and religious minorities, and also women. Ironically, the Act had resulted in an outbreak of violence in the South. White racists had launched a campaign against the success that Martin Luther King had had in getting African Americans to register to vote.

The violence reminded Johnson that more was needed if the civil rights issue was to be suitably reduced. The Twenty-fourth Amendment prohibits both Congress and the states from conditioning the right to vote in federal elections on payment of a poll tax or other types of tax. The amendment was proposed by Congress to the states on August 27, , and was ratified by the states on January 23, White primaries were primary elections in the Southern States of the United States of America in which any non-White voter was prohibited from participating.

Essay title: Civil Liberties and the Civil War

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- American Civil Liberties Union The American Civil Liberties Union is an organization which takes on the issues of concern to the American public and any violations of their rights, or liberties, including discrimination.

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Essay: Civil liberties For many years, gaining equality has been an objective of many blacks in America. Having endured slavery, discrimination, and constant denial of their fundamental rights by white Americans, blacks began standing up for their rights and demanding those freedoms delegated in the Declaration of Independence and the .

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Civil Liberties During WWII many civil liberties were affected and felt by the American people; some of these decisions include new policies . Civil liberty, as opposed to natural liberty, refers to the liberty enjoyed by man in society. Freedom in isolation is meaningless. Freedom, to be real, involves the capacity to do or enjoy things in common with others, and no individual can permanently separate his own good from the common good.

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Civil Rights and Civil Liberties Essay. The Thirteenth Amendment ended slavery and African American slaves gained their freedom during the Civil War; however, this did not mean they were fully integrated into American society. After the . Civil Liberties (And how they differ from civil rights) "If the fires of freedom and civil liberties burn low in other lands, they must be made brighter in our own. If in other lands the press and books and literature of all kinds are censored, we must redouble our efforts here to keep them free.