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Computer Ethics

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❶Creating reporting agencies that know how to deal with such information in a proactive manner is necessary, rather than relying upon the media to publicize the negative information. Teachers should be aware of their ethical responsibilities and play role models to assist students to learn by examples.

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In many medical applications, for instance, or in certain transportation software -- train and track organization and air traffic control…… [Read More].

Ethics in Software and Copyright Infringements in the Balkans. Ethics in Software and Copyright Infringements in the Balkans The first point one has to look at is the situation in these countries and their position in terms of development as also the size of the potential market. There are a total of eight countries and most of them have been in political turmoil till about ten years ago.

These countries are all breakaway portions of other bigger countries, or the soviet empire. The software market is small but there are already participants in it from United States which means that there is a lot of future potential development. On the side of the governments there are definite efforts to legalize the situation of software, though full achievement will take quite sometime.

At the same time, there are a lot of conflicts within the big names in the industry -- Microsoft and Linux -- and this is leading to advantages…… [Read More]. Ethics of Marketing Research in the Internet. Ethics of Marketing esearch in the Internet Era Increasingly, management is being taken to be a critical production factor alongside the other factors of production.

It therefore follows that the success of a business enterprise is largely hinged on the ability of management to make superior decisions. However, for managers to make effective decisions, they not only need a supportive decision making environment but also a set of tools to enhance their ability to correctly analyze and interpret information so as to advance the agenda of the business in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

Marketing research is one such tool. Marketing esearch as a Management Tool The relevance of marketing research as a decision making tool for management cannot be overstated. According to Blankenship, Breen and Dutka , marketing research can be taken to be "the systematic design, collection, analysis, and reporting of data and findings relevant to a specific situation…… [Read More].

Ethics and Information Technology. Ethics and IT Ethics and Information Technology Doing Ethics Analysis This case concerns trade secret misappropriation and theft of intellectual property, as well as issues of surveillance and cybercrime. Sergey Aleynikov attempted to steal computer code from Goldman Sachs in order to build competing technology for his new employer. Goldman Sachs prosecuted Aleynikov and won a conviction. The case discusses applicable case laws, including the difficulty of enforcing non-compete and non-disclosure agreements.

Sergey Aleynikov was employed by Goldman Sachs, and as part of his employment, had signed a confidentiality agreement. Aleynikov found new employment with Teza Technologies, where he was hired to build a high-speed trading platform to compete with Goldman Sachs. On his last day of employment for Goldman Sachs, Sergey Aleynikov downloaded proprietary high-speed trading computer code for use in his new employment at Teza Technologies.

Aleynikov attempted to cover up evidence of his theft by erasing and…… [Read More]. Ethics in Organizational Decision Making. Still, MIT countered "Our mission statement talks about principled, innovative leaders and we take the principled part seriously.

The impact of technology on work-related stress ork should be growing less stressful -- given the ubiquity telecommuting, and the increased swiftness and interconnectedness of technical innovation that connects the individual to the workplace via the Internet. Olson, However, the easier it becomes to get 'connected' to work, quite often the more the stress of the workforce bleeds into the quality life of one's home and the higher the expectations demanded of conscientious employees.

Cite a specific example from work, industry, media etc. Ethics Computer Marketing obacco Dilemma After returning from Ohio on a road trip, some friends informed us that on the way back home while gassing up, they were asked by kids on two different occasions to buy them some cigarettes.

Our friends told the kids no on each occasion. What does this isolated observation have to do with the tobacco industry? What the tobacco industry has continued to do in regard to marketing cigarettes to kids is immoral, unethical and illegal. The housing market was already strong, but the elimination of practical reasons for validating lender information opened several doors very wide, each with an unpleasant surprise hidden behind it. First, because realtors earn their commissions based on sales and on the relative value of property, they have little incentive to disqualify bad risks of eventual mortgage default.

Second, banks became equally unconcerned with the veracity and accuracy of the financial information provided by prospective home buyers and it was no longer in anybody's interest to curb increasing home values.

Third, the reliance on credit on the part of so many Americans fueled a housing and property development boom in many areas. Lack of concern for verifying lender qualifications became so rampant in the first part of the 21st century that lenders offered "no-doc" loans that required no formal documentation of income…… [Read More]. Ethics of Society Technology and the Environment.

Ethics of Society, Technology, And the Environment Ethics of Society, Technology and Environment Being the member of the human society in 21st century is like to be the witness of the breathtaking technological revolution. Society, technology and environment are the three vertices of a same triangle and hence connected to each other.

As a result they tend to have inter-related influences and affects. With the advancements and immense developments in the fields of science and technology, the life particularly in 21st century has taken an almost new turn. The glance on the ancient or earlier times would prove that, the life then, was completely different.

By ethics we mean, those specific standards which determine the functioning of the system for which they are defined. Ethics of society, technology and environment are thus those set generalized standards for the safety and preservation of the environment and nature along with the technological…… [Read More]. Ethics of Monitoring E-Mail the. Policies are becoming commonplace as a result.

The paradox of e-mail and Internet monitoring within corporations is on the one hand anchored by the many legal precedents of corporations being held liable for their employee's illegal activity Wakefield, yet too much constraints on this and other forms of communication directly impact their performance and morale. Intermediating these two extremes is the role of education to provide the necessary insights into why specific safeguards are critical for ensuring the corporation does not inadvertently expose itself to legal risks by being too loose with policies yet concentrating enough on privacy and ethicacy issues of employees so as not to hinder their productivity and ownership of their jobs.

Balancing the rights of any corporation to monitor e-mail traffic needs to be balanced against the rights of individuals to privacy. Computer Monitoring and Surveillance. The CPA Journal, 74 7 , Ethics What Beneficial Approach Can. For example, if the mother has a computer at home and uses it regularly the hygienist can suggest some Web sites that contain information about the oral health effects of tobacco use.

The mother might want to learn more about oral health in general, which would encourage her to monitor Jason's habits and scrutinize his behavior to the point where she might notice if he had been smoking. If Jason's oral health deteriorated over time, the hygienist might need to make more overt statements to the mother such as, "Jason assured me that he is not using tobacco, but I am concerned about the lesions in his mouth.

Which of the ethical principles apply to this situation? Explain your response from both the dental hygienist's perspective and the patient's perspective. The dental hygienist is experiencing an ethical dilemma. Ethics and Technology Illegal Downloads.

Arguably the deficiencies in processes and technologies throughout the distribution channel enable the unethical sharing of digital property by consumers in the first place. When the music distributors, both in the form of traditional forms including music stores selling CDs and non-traditional…… [Read More]. Ethics hat types of information does one need to gather to successfully design and implement a training solution? The first question to consider when evaluating the training needs of various employees and designing a training solution would include -- what experience do the prospective users have with the types of applications and knowledge required to embark upon the proposed training course and successfully complete it?

If the experience with the applications is minimal, it might be necessary to have instructors to facilitate the introduction into the new application, or to expand the training solution to include more remedial skills work.

Next, a training designer would have to ask what level of computer or Internet skills do the users have -- are these skills similar to those required by the new application or are they profoundly different?

If profoundly different, the training procedure and even the initial assessment procedure itself may…… [Read More]. Ethics and Technology Questions What. Creating reporting agencies that know how to deal with such information in a proactive manner is necessary, rather than relying upon the media to publicize the negative information. The lack of protective legislation is another problem. However, there is often great difficulty in generating legislative and popular support for protections to be accorded to whistle-blowers.

Historically, many whistleblowers are like Daniel Ellsberg, who revealed the true nature of the war in Vietnam to the American public -- they have embarrassed organizations or companies with powerful interests in Congress. Other whistleblowers seem to have mixed motives for doing so, like whistle-blowing executives who testify against a corporation solely to protect their own skins in light of a coming financial debacle or ethical scandal.

What impact has it had on the standard of living and worker productivity? In some ways, it has vastly improved the lives of workers -- workers can…… [Read More]. Ethics and Its Role in. However, while there are investors willing to invest on the profitability of gambling on the Internet, there are still many investors that are reluctant to pursue an investment on online gambling because of the financial insecurity of these sites.

These gambling sites are also known and are purportedly practicing "illegal transactions," since online gambling in the U. The lack of confidence in investing on online gambling and insecurity of the financial channels and transactions of these sites stem from the fact that "[t]here is also a question mark over whether U. However, the question of the legality of these online gambling sites are being put into scrutiny. Ethics and Morality Full Body. Despite the fact that full body scanners may be the most technologically advanced equipment we could realistically put in an airport, they still have their shortcomings.

Full body scanners can't see inside your body. Generally, the machines also can't find items stashed in a body cavity. This means that a determined terrorist could potentially store bomb materials or weapons inside their body, specifically in their anus. Since such a low dose of electromagnetic energy is beamed inside the people who enter the scanners, the images are only skin deep. So just how drug traffickers smuggle drugs inside their bodies, terrorists could do the same but with far more dangerous materials.

As America witnessed with the failed shoe bomber, it does not take a great deal of free space to hide materials that could overthrow or take a plane down. For instance, C4 explosive, which is military grade, can be…… [Read More].

James Moor What Is Computer. The sheer number and variety of sites where such ostensibly private information is made public can make it impossible for someone to truly get privacy. What is remarkable is how well Dr. Moor did at predicting the ethical issues that would continue to be part of the Computer evolution. Even if computers are simply exacerbating existing ethical dilemmas, the fact that they are capable of doing so means that they are going to continue to present ethical problems.

For example, when Eli Whitney invented the cotton gin, slavery was already in existence and used through the American South. That Industrial evolution invention did not create the ethical issue of slavery.

However, with the improved ability to process cotton, cotton suddenly became an incredibly profitable crop. The need for cheap labor jumped dramatically, which certainly increased the demand for slave labor. What that example makes clear is that even seemingly helpful…… [Read More]. Jennings M M Ethics in Cybercafe. The author identifies different type of ethical issues, which include: Students can break the law by going against the laws on ethical issues.

Thus, it is the responsibility of teachers to inform students about the importance of computer ethics. Teachers should be aware of their ethical responsibilities and play role models to assist students to learn by examples. Part 2 - eflective Diary - the Internet and Ethical Values Ethical values in the internet and information technology have become important issues within a business environment, and the rapid development cyber crimes have necessitated the needs to spread the ethical values within the it environment.

More importantly, the cyberspace has become very importance in the cotemporary it environment because cyberspace assists people and organizations globally to communicate and transact business without limit. Thus, internet has become a necessary tool of doing business,…… [Read More]. Labor Ethics Labor and Ethics The concept of ethics in both business and labor is one rife with contradiction. Especially today, where the public has come also to expect a degree of dishonesty, corruption and exploitation at the hands of corporate abusers, the notion of ethical practice may seem almost quaint.

But as the text by Collins , entitled Business Ethics, demonstrates quite effectively, ethical practice is exactly what is called for if we are to bring about order, stability and accountability in our economy. The discussion here addresses a number of issues, both relating to these institutional ethical practices and, subsequently, to the implications of ethics in the discussion on labor orientation. The chapter…… [Read More].

Discussed is John Stuart Mill's philosophy. I have just worn out my fourth computer. I love a high speed computer, but I feel guilty when I buy a new one. A new computer is my top priority for a purchase, and I begin saving for a new one almost as soon as I have purchased one. I know that many people are just like me. There must be junkyards full of computers. Should I try to get by with less? Two sources are used. Computer Junkyards Computer trash is certainly becoming a problem for societies everywhere.

Some people try to make use of them by creating art, but that is a miniscule use of the millions of old computers one can see set out for the garbage men or…… [Read More]. Computers Think First Coming to Theaters in. First coming to theaters in , The Terminator was a movie that captured audiences and enveloped them in a world of unknown- robots, intelligence, destruction and the future.

The cyborg assassin in the movie fostered society's greatest fear- technology that developed so rapidly that people would not be able to control it. Could the laptops that people use everyday suddenly be able to think, act and even cause the destruction similar to that in the blockbuster movie? As technology develops at a rapid pace in modern day society, it solicits the all important question, can computers think? Foremost, an understanding to the term and concept of thinking must be established as a foundational framework to move forward with the dilemma of computers being able to think.

There are two different components to the concept of thinking: Computer What Is Going to. In the same year, the founders started a new company for computer development called the Eckert-Mauchly Computer Corporation.

This computer made use of magnetic tape for the storage of data. Then this company was bought by emington and Corporation and the name was changed to Univac Division of emington and. This company was the organization to bring out UNIVAC which is one of the originals of the type of computers that are used today.

Inventors of the Modern Computer: The population of United States was growing very fast due to the baby boom that was taking place…… [Read More]. Moreover, the company needs to report the culprit to the authorities.

If the culprit is my spouse's sibling, I would have a personal ethical responsibility to alert my spouse prior to taking action, but I would not allow any personal pleas for leniency to impede justice. Potential challenges might be the relationship with my spouse, but that is a personal challenge that has little to do with how to proceed with Dell. The concept of corporate social responsibility has more to do with broader issues, such as Dell's commitment to the environment or its policies about LGBTQ employees Thorpe, However, this case does demonstrate more fundamental ethical tenets.

Scenario How I act in this scenario depends on whether or not the course is meaningful to me. Ethics Privacy and the Workplace. This paper reviews the available literature when it comes to workplace monitoring of employees and the ethical implications of that monitoring.

Is Privacy in the orkplace a Dying Notion? The right to privacy is a nice idea, and in some instances and circumstances in the United States an individual can reasonably expect to have his or her privacy respected. However, when it comes to the workplace, in an age of increased reliance on electronic technology, management has been able to "…monitor virtually all workplace communications" that employees have access to.

Findlaw asserts that…… [Read More]. Ethics and Parkinson's Disease Issues. Conflict of Interest Should I, as principal investigator of a new drug that potentially could help those who suffer from Parkinson's disease, enroll my father, who has Parkinson's disease, in the study? My Answer to the Question First of all, the study entails a brand new drug that has not been researched previously.

I am to study the "efficacy and safety" of a drug, we can assume is powerful, whether it is really the answer to Parkinson's or not. I would not enroll my father in this test for several reasons. If it turns out the drug has harmful side effects I would not want to have subjected my father to that negative impact.

Of course that may sound hypocritical because I would then be willing to subject other person's fathers to the potential negative impacts of this experimental drug. But other participants' families will no doubt sign off on…… [Read More]. Coping with mismatched courses: Students' behaviour and performance in courses mismatched to their learning styles. Educational echnology Research and Development, 57 6 , Retrieved from ERIC database.

Kinshuk and Graf first establish the fact that students are often required to learn material that is not adaptive to their preferred learning style. Is it "Writing on Water" or "Strike it Rich? Ethics in Patents in Amazon One Click. Patents Ethics in Patents in Amazon One Click Patents are meant to protect the intellectual property of the people who apply for them.

They are given when the process is a unique idea, or it offers an improvement to an existing idea that does not infringe on the original patent and is itself unique. The question is not whether patents themselves are ethical, but whether a business requesting a patent for a process, in its entirety, is ethical.

People with different philosophical outlooks would see this case very differently. On the one had rule utilitarian's would see the patent rules and judge based on that criteria whereas a natural rights theorist would have a completely different outlook.

This paper looks at the patent application for Amazon's revolutionary "one-click" payment processing through the lens of both a rule utilitarian and a natural rights theorist and determine how a person with that…… [Read More]. Ethics of Tomahawk Missile. The writer explains what tomahawk missiles are and how they work. The writer than discusses the cost of those missiles and the ethics of using them in attacks against enemies.

There were eight sources used to complete this paper. As tensions mount between the United States and the Middle East, it appears that there will be a war. Using force to make nations comply is something that has been going on since the beginning of time.

Sometimes it is done to bully a nation into giving up its rightful land, while at other times it is done for the protection of groups of people as well as the standard of freedom for mankind around the world. Technology in recent years has allowed the advancement of many…… [Read More]. Ethics of Employee Location Monitoring in the.

Ethics of Employee Location Monitoring In the contemporary workplace, workers are usually aware that their computer activity, email, and phone conversations may be -- and probably are -- being monitored by their employer. Efforts to limit the consumption of offensive or pornographic material, use of company resources for non-work purposes, and desire to track employee behavior in order to improve efficiency leads managers to install keystroke logs, FID location tags, cell phone software, and "back door" computer tracking programs.

Employees complain that they do not feel trusted by employers who use these strategies, and managers may not have clear guidelines for how to use the information they glean from covert employee monitoring.

However, some of these techniques can be used to improve workplace safety and ensure, for example, that employees take regular breaks from work in order to reduce eye strain and the health dangers of sedentary work. Below, I…… [Read More].

Ethics and Business Information Systems. Ethical Issues in the Information Systems Within the Business Environment In the contemporary business environment, information systems have revolutionized the strategy firms employ in doing businesses.

Apart from increasing the customer market base, businesses have been able to carry out international businesses without leaving their physical locations. Moreover, advanced information systems have assisted increasing number of businesses to be more competitive both locally and internationally. Despite the benefits derived from the use of information systems, the firm still faces ethical issues in the businesses environment.

A violation of privacy of customers, employee, and suppliers have been one of the ethical issues with the use of information systems. Fur example, an online business can assist firms to collect private information of their customers, which include the credit card information and other personal information. Many firms go to the extent of storing the credit card information of their customers thus violation privacy…… [Read More]. Computers by Z Bankowski and.

According to MacCormick, the law has no natural existence, no set form and no fixed ontology. In fact, according to this line of reasoning, "the law has no natural role because the law is not a brute fact.

According to MacCormick's thought object, the law only exists because humans believe in it. In other words, the law does not pre-exist our observation but is instead is constituted in that original decision to designate a specific law. As MacCormick states, "Law is constituted as an object of observation by the very act of observation itself. The author of this paper has carefully studied the law in question and has focused on various issues connected with this legislation.

DMCA is a highly controversial law that has been staunchly opposed and actively supported by different section of the public and it has managed to attract great deal of media attention because of various lawsuits that emerged in this connection. The paper looks into some important Court cases for impartial and objective study of the law. While the Constitution of the country explicitly grants American citizens the right to share information…… [Read More].

Ethics of the Abortion Drug Ru Ethical and Political Issues of RU Abortion is a totally unacceptable, cruel and unethical practice and should be considered illegal except under some special cases and medical circumstances that indicate a danger to the mother. Our judicial system must consider the ethical and moral aspects of abortion as an intrinsic part of the problem when approaching this social issue. Even from the practical prospective the abortion pill RU has not been a breakthrough and instead of making abortion a private and safe method it has only increased the physical discomfort and the psychological ordeal for the woman.

Abortion is the one of the most debated social issues of this century. The controversy as to the right that man has over the life of a baby in the fetus and in controlling its entry into the world is a much-debated topic. Abortion is nothing but putting an end to…… [Read More]. Economy and Ethics of Sustainable Design. Ethics of Sustainable Design How much water do I use in a day? How much electricity do I use daily? This paper is a fine way for me to begin to catalogue those materials.

This introduction is presented because looking back on a hour period of time and the amount of energy I use just to go about my daily activities, I am using too much electricity, too much gasoline; and this review of my intake of resources also includes what I eat, drink, and otherwise use to get through a typical day.

A Hour Inventory of my Consumption In terms of electrical usage, as a writer and editor, and I use my computer, my printer, my wireless digital router every day of the year to some degree.

Typically when…… [Read More]. Ethics The Nike ethical dilemma The Nike Company is undoubtedly ne of the most established companies with a strong brand across the globe. Though it was predominantly a shoe manufacturer and seller, Nike diversified their dealings into other merchandise like the wears in tennis, badminton, baseball, golf, cricket among other sports Nike Inc.

Nike has had several accusations over the decades of having their products being made in "sweatshop. Nimsad Rup Ethics the History. Stage 1 or Understanding the Problem The UP recommends using business use cases for locating purposes which have two qualities: To identify sections of the business that need to be examined, ETHICS uses a stakeholder method that demonstrates all parties interacting with the system.

Diagnostic Evaluations The UP does not attempt to challenge any requirements which devolve from the client. There is no way to accurately analyze whether total autonomy of the system would provide any productive cost-benefit analysis for the overall organization. ETHICS advises that analysis should be conducted on the current situation to prevent the analyst from developing "tunnel vision" and focusing on the first solution…… [Read More].

Personal and Business Ethics Relationship of Personal. Personal and Business Ethics elationship of Personal and Business Ethics Ethics is an umbrella term with a vast number of definitions, at a high level ethics can be described as a set of rules, moral values, or principles that one follows. Two of the major subsets of ethics are personal ethics and business ethics.

Personal ethics are each person's own individual set of rules and moral values that they choose to follow in their life. For example one person's ethics may be that they choose to not steal or lie.

Business ethics similarly are a set of rules or principles that an employee at a company must follow. For example an employee's work ethic might be to use their work computer for only business purposes. In the following personal and business ethics will be compared; it will be shown that sometimes these two types of ethics overlap, but are in…… [Read More]. Organizational Behavior Significance of Ethics in the. Organizational ehavior Significance of ethics in the process of decision making and impact of technology on work-related stress An important aspect in studying organizational behavior is the relevance and significance of ethics in the process of decision making within an organization.

This factor, ethics, is vital because this is where the morale and regard of the organization to its people as well as clients are determined. Members of an organization often create programmed and non-programmed decisions, and through these decisions, people encounter difficulties or challenges wherein their ethical character will be put into test.

In the age of information technology, one might say that ethics is but a remnant of a time when people conduct their business personally and not through computer and Internet technologies.

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The Ten Commandments of Computer Ethics establish guiding principles for all of us to follow. Read on to know these Ten Commandments. Every sphere of life is guided by a set of rules of what is right and what is wrong. With the development of technology and the increase in its use, society had to confront ethical issues relating to the harnessing of technology.

Every science of life needs to base itself on ethics and so does computer technology! The intent behind the creation of these Ten Commandments was to establish a set of standards to instruct people to use computers ethically. Thou shalt not use a computer to harm other people.

This commandment makes clear that it is unethical to use a computer to harm another user. It is unethical to manipulate or destroy the files of other people through the use of a computer. It iterates the fact that writing a programs intended to bring perform ethically wrong actions, is in itself unethical. Viruses are small programs built with intent to harm or disrupt the useful computer programs. Some viruses aim at overloading the computer memory by an excessive use of computer resources.

These viruses tend to fail a computer in executing the desired tasks. They lead to the dysfunction of a computer. The development or the spread of such malicious software in unethical. In order to protect the information from being attacked, it is ethical to apply encryption schemes to it.

Thou shalt not use a computer to steal. The stealing of sensitive information such as the personal information of the employees from an employee database, or breaking into bank accounts for the retrieval of confidential information is nothing less than robbery. An illegal electronic transfer of funds is one type of a fraud. Thou shalt not use a computer to bear false witness. Computers are the easiest sources of spreading information to the masses by means of Internet.

This also means that false news or rumors can spread speedily and easily through the Internet. Being involved in the circulation of incorrect information is unethical. Spreading the wrong information by means of Internet is like taking an undue advantage of technology.

Thou shalt not use or copy software for which you have not paid. Like any other artists or literary work, software is also subject to copyrights. Obtaining illegal copies of copyrighted software is unethical. Multi-user systems are supported by user specific ids and passwords.

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- Computer Ethics A Ten Commandments of Computer Ethics (see Appendix A) was first presented by Dr. Ramon C. Barquin's in his paper for the Computer Ethics Institute of .

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The Computer Ethics Institute created the "Ten Commandments of Computer Ethics". 1. "Thou shalt not use a computer to harm other people." 2. "Thou shalt not interfere with other people's computer work." 3. "Thou shalt not snoop around in other people's computer files." 4. "Thou shalt not use a computer to steal." 5. "Thou shalt not use a .

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The Ten Commandments of Computer Ethics are the means to build a set of regulations to guide the individual users to base computer related operations on strong ethical values. The commandments are a way to make people . Computer Ethics A Ten Commandments of Computer Ethics (see Appendix A) was first presented by Dr. Ramon C. Barquin's in his paper for the Computer Ethics Institute of the Brookings Institution entitled, "In Pursuit of a 'Ten Commandments' for .

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Computer Ethics. Talk about breaking a few Commandments Of Computer Ethics 1. Thou Shalt Not Use A Computer To Harm Other People. 2. Thou Shalt Not Interfere With Other People's Computer Work. 5. Thou Shalt Not Use A Computer To Bear False Witness. 7. Thou Shalt Not Use Other People's Computer Resources Without Authorization Or /5(1). Computer Ethics. In the age where technology is fast affecting almost every area of life, there are issues that come up relative to the ethical application of the same. It is for this reason that the term computer ethics has become quite common in .