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Cultural Heritage Essay

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❶These were mainly performed on platforms raised in temple courtyards and palaces.

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Indian music is based on the concept of ragas and tales. There are two major schools of classical music the Carnatic and the Hindustani Indian musicians like Bhimsen Joshi, M.

Dance in India has an unbroken tradition of over years. Its themes are derived from mythology, legends and classical literature. There are two main forms of dances in India. India dance is based on rasa, bhava and abhinaya. There are five main classical dance forms namely Bharatanatyam, Kathakali, Manipuri kathak and Odissi.

Others prominent dances are Kuchipudi and Mohiniattam. India has a rich literary heritage. India also has a rich regional literature. Regional literature in fact has often contributed to the fostering of a national identity and a national culture. India has always been a linguistically diverse community. Sanskrit was only the language of the elite whereas prakrit and ardha agahi were more commonly spoken by the masses.

During the Mughal rule Persian took the place of Sanskrit as the court language while Urdu and Hindustani were the language of the common masses in north India.

It is without doubt that India has a rich cultural heritage and that we have excelled in different spheres. However it should also be acknowledged that we have inherited some negative aspects of our culture as well.

Division of society on the basis of division of lab our gave birth to the caste system. The caste system created a gulf among people leading to disunity and conflicts in the society. Culture is dynamic cross currents of other cultures always influence the culture of a country. It is more so in the present day world where distances virtually have ceased to exist.

Let us keep our windows and doors open to other cultures and to their healthy influence but we should stand firm and tall and should not be swept off our feet. All this has only served to enrich our cultural tradition. All efforts should be directed towards nurturing this rich treasure. India has a rich cultural tradition. Foreign tourists experience a spiritual reawakening on visited these temples. All these are attempts to keep our cultural heritage alive and transmit it to the younger generations.

It is also a very good platform for teachers who want to share their valuable knowledge. June 11, at 4: Your email address will not be published. Download 26 Educational Android Apps. About Vision Website Inauguration Function.

Our Cultural Heritage Essay No. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. In my assessment, I looked at three different families with different cultural orientation, which are Africans, Indians and Chinese. Health maintenance Africans believe in traditional medicines, which they mostly use to maintain their health.

They do a lot of manual work, believing that they can maintain their health by being free from complications that are brought by a lifestyle that does not involve exercises Bowden, Chinese, in their turn, maintain their health through exercises, acupuncture and meditation. Children are taught a number of sports like martial arts from an early age, whichh help them to avert many health complications. Indians, on the other hand, extensively use herbal medicine, with the help of which they are able to maintain their health.

Indian herbal products have gained popularity in many countries across the globe. Health protection Africans protect themselves from health complications by having an understanding of the causes of illnesses and by using appropriate methods to prevent infections. They have traditional healers who advise them on ideal practices to avoid infection. Chinese and Indians practice alternative medicine, but at the same time consult health care providers. To recover from health related complications, Africans use both herbal treatment and conventional methods.

They also advocate for the rest that helps fully to recover from health complications. Indians mainly use herbs to restore their health, whereas Chinese make use of acupuncture, meditation, and herbalism Yu, As for my Indian culture, aromatherapy has been practiced for a long time. Aromatic plants extracts and essential oils are believed to improve the mood and health of an individual. This practice has been used for many years and is still popular with the Indian community Indian culture, Families exhibit different ways of ascribing to their cultural heritage.

Africans, for example, believe that women should be rather plump and buxom. On the other hand, Chinese and Indians women are preferred to be thin, which is ideal in their culture. To conclude, it is pertinent to note that cultural orientation is losing popularity due to social interaction, which has made most people lose their culture and beliefs. If the trend does not change, these tools might become irrelevant, since people are changing their beliefs at a great rate.

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Cultural heritage essay, - Case study format examples. Our writers know both peculiarities of academic writing and paper formatting rules. Check Out Our Cultural Heritage Essay Cultural heritage is the legacy and intangible attributes of certain members of the society that are inherited from past generations, bestowed and carried to the next generations.