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Financial Analysis Sample Essay

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❶D affirms that value-relevance of many financial ratios are sensitive to the occurrence of recession. Due to the increase reflected on Competition Bikes Income statement net sales of about thirty percent.

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The same conclusion about financial position can be made using both the acid test and cash ratios. Accessed September 14, We will write a custom essay sample on Financial analysis specifically for you.

Leave your email and we will send you an example after 24 hours If you contact us after hours, we'll get back to you in 24 hours or less. How to cite this page Choose cite format: How about make it original? Company analysis on consolidated statement of financial position shows that, total assets remained considerably stable in duration of three years under review. Cash amount from Competition Bikes decreased by This decrease, partly because of increases in accounts receivable, which indicated a This situation changed on Financial Year 7 and 8 due the balance between the cash.

The management of the firm needs to look at the causes of these disparities keenly in order to improve the organization's efficiency.

However, despite the negative changesreported in the company's financials, the analysis of the company's financial statements also reveals notable improvements in a number of key areas. Secondly, the company has been able to retain its operating profits constant, meaning that stakeholder wealth has not declined despite the harsh operating conditions that Competitive Bikes is now operating.

However, this gives an overview that, profits in that firm remained steady for a period of three years. By continuing to minimize the cost of goods with increasing sales, it should also reflect a growth in gross profits.

The decrease in net earnings and net sales shows a crucial weakness. Management of the company should put more effort to increase the sales. Due to the raising operating expenses, despite their reduction reflected in FY 8, goes on to overwhelm the decrease in sales. The conclusions made from these analysis shows incomplete marketing efforts may forwarding current expenses from the level of administrative salaries and executive reimbursement of modern marketing plans, which results to increased net earnings and sales.

This is an analysis of financial statements whereby, each entry in main categories of the financial accounts liabilities, assets in addition to equities in case of a consolidated statement of financial position that may represent a certain segment of the total for that group. Vertical analysis particularly becomes useful during the comparison of firms of different sizes.

While conducting the vertical analysis of the income statement, different expense line products are shown in form of percentage accrued from sales. This is also useful while showing the variations in revenue line products in relation to the percentage of the sales. On the other hand, asset total is the most common denominator used when doing a vertical analysis. However, it is also common for some analysts to use total liabilities may in the calculations of liabilities in line items in relation to percentage.

The average of all equity accounts are useful during when analyzing equities in line again in relation to percentages. Balance sheet analysis indicates that, the total current assets stands at The percentage of the total assets locked in inventories, other resources, and accounts receivables could be liquidated if necessary.

This shows a large part of financed assets. The situation is common as firms naturally finance the large equipment and properties acquisitions. Competition Bike equipment and property are located in two areas, which are the California and San Diego, in Atlanta, Georgia. For example, the return on asset ratio ROA , and the profit margin ratios do not incorporate opportunity cost of risk. Similarly, the return on equity ratio ROE ignores cost of capital investments required to generate earnings.

Another limitation is that ratio analysis depends on accounting data based on historical coast Parino et al, According to Kiesel, the fact that ratio analysis is based on historical cost may lead to distortions in measuring performance. Given that the financial statement does not include any financial changes, a modification in price during the run period may not affect the calculated ratio.

The last limitation of ratio analysis but not the least is the inflation factor. The fact that different inventory valuation FIFO, LIFO, Average cost may be in use to run a business, when prices tend to rise inflation factor the choice of accounting method is able to dramatically affect valuation ratios.

To put it differently, inflation may render the comparison of financial ratios inappropriate. Another fact is that the variations of the ratios are shown to be acutely sensitive to recession Kane, G.

In his study, Kane, G. D affirms that value-relevance of many financial ratios are sensitive to the occurrence of recession. As has been noted, accounting policies, and inflation are some factors that have effect on the calculation of ratios. We can therefore argue that ratio analysis is practical tools for users of financial statement. We noted that financial ratios have some disadvantages. In fact, they are insufficient in themselves as a source of judgments; they are useless when used in isolation, and they can falsify comparisons when different accounting practices are used.

All things considered, I will say that even if ratios analyses have concrete obstacles they still are the most useful tool in the financial world. The most important thing to keep in mind is to know how to use them, and understand their limitation. The effect of recession on ratio analysis.

The Mid-Atlantic Journal of Business,33 1 , Fundamentals of corporate finance. Dictionary of Accounting Terms, Retrieve from.

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Dec 28,  · to Olowe (), Financial Ratio Analysis is the relationship between the performance of a company and the monetary data in the financial statements to assist the economic conditions.

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This essay was produced by one of our professional writers as a learning aid to help you with your studies Financial statements are useful as they can be used to predict future indicators for a firm using the financial ratio analysis. From an investor's perspective financial statement analysis aims.

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Free financial analysis papers, essays, and research papers. This is an analysis of financial statements whereby, each entry in main categories of the financial accounts (liabilities, assets) in addition to equities in case of a consolidated statement of financial position that may represent .

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Financial Statement Analysis Essay report will be helping us understand financial statement analysis in a much broader way. It will also help us understand the implications of financial statement analysis to the management. This report will. Financial Statement Analysis Project. The two companies that I will be comparing in this project are McDonalds and Wendy's/5(16).