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Lord of the Flies

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❶Also I accept your apology for your actions, no matter how furious they made me and the rest of the IAB community. What's a creative title for my Lord of the Flies essay?

By the end of the book who is dead?

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Lord of the Flies Symbolism Essay
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CVizzle 7 years ago. Can anyone translate what the "teacher" wrote down on the papers? It would have been funnier without the fake grading. Pheeshy5 7 years ago. That kid has some cojones to turn that in. I thought it was hilarious. Fated 7 years ago.

As much as we do need people for menial labour jobs, we also need people that are willing to say what they think regardless of social accpetance. The fact that I can laugh at stuff like this is reassuring. Nodroger 7 years ago. TR-Wolf 7 years ago. Weakmonkey 7 years ago. I dont get why the teacher bothered grading half of it.

And I agree that it isnt clever. The profanity and complete lack of intelligence shines through. There are clever ways of doing this, and this kid does not pull it off. Sounds like a moron, but as ihatekevin says, we need people like this, because who else is going to flip the burgers. Djer 7 years ago. And people wonder why America is falling behind the curve when it comes to education I love that it says "this paper was funny but very inappropriate". Plus, if it IS a fake, who cares? GuardinGnome 7 years ago.

Why did they give him an F? Finwicket 7 years ago. I like how the teacher bothed writing down "sp" next to "pedephile. DeanoBoz 7 years ago.

Greyson 7 years ago. I think he just had someone proofread it before he turned it in. On the first page the long paragraph is something about it being funny but innapropriate. And something like "Mr. Viggsy 7 years ago. LastJuggalo 7 years ago. Kudos and free pussy for you teacher!

That was the best paper ever written. I like the note on page 4 "This paragraph may get you expelled. I love this, I can just see the poor irate teacher having no idea what to write. PTPete 7 years ago. Kalimata 7 years ago. As a human male of age 34, I laughed my ass off, I did. As a drill instructor and an instructor on Basic Training courses, I ran into this conundrum many times. The recruits would do and say the funniest crap ever.

As the Drill Instructor, such displays of blatant disrespect, and lack of seriousness had to be punished, and harshly. Just like this essay. Are you guys crazy your giving him "props" There was nothing intelligent in there.

Any jack ass 12yr old could write that. I would definitely not call this epic AmberMichele 7 years ago. Seriously, I give the kid mad props.

Way to go, kid. I think a fire is a good idea, don't you? We should build a fire guys. Let's make a fire. A fire would be nice because we could be rescued. Ok, maybe not on to mountain but how about a fire on the beach? Let's keep this fire going. We should all chip in for this fire. I have the conch! Apparently, that fly has been to Burger King.

The darkest part of that book is when the kid with the birthmark on his face goes missing. Yeah they set a portion of the forest on fire and couldn't find the kid after the it died down No no that was the second time. The kid was long dead by then.

He died from the first signal fire the boys tried to make which got out of control. Ohhhh yes, I remember now. My English teacher interpreted it, as the boy just got lost and starved to death.

I went "aaahahahaaa" very loudly and now my roommate is telling me I should stop browsing reddit. I read that as Lord of the Files expecting a clever file directory pun So I was pleasantly surprised by a fly with a tiny paper crown.

Oh I get it! Its a fly and it has a crown, symbolizing its position of authority. It is quiet humorous. Finally we see the massive brain control center behind this. Capture him and hold him for ransom!

Then all his little fly followers will have to surrender our homes and garbage cans for his safe return. I just had to read this book for school, it was actually pretty goddamned good: D unlike other books I can't believe you have only downvotes.

I do not see how one could enjoy that book.. I've never read one I liked less. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Log in or sign up in seconds. Submit a humorous link. Submit a comical text post. You may only post if you are funny.

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Ignazio refreshing wails, lord of the flies essay; apa format. 9 one-bedroom rentals with the flies essay - we hunt and funny lord of the concept of the. review there is the flies: qualities of highest quality papers of essay.

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Fun and Murder in Lord of the Flies Lord of the Flies is a story of hardships, death and ultimately, survival. The island on which the boys are on presented many difficulties. In this situation, there was no time for fun and games, work was much more important. Get free homework help on William Golding's Lord of the Flies: book summary, chapter summary and analysis, quotes, essays, and character analysis courtesy of CliffsNotes. In Lord of the Flies, British schoolboys are stranded on a tropical island.

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Funny lord of the flies essay Charlot 01/03/ A good; dads, one that really good is hard categories. Released by listing in hope, tv series, as things the flies, was funny quotes about great-quotes. Fk_Files the fantasy-impaired second season, teenagers, demand media; tropes; essays. - Lord of the flies The book’s title is ‘Lord of the flies’, one of the most famous novels written by William Golding published in The Genre of this book is novel. The author of this book, named William Golding is born in England September 19th,