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Youth Group Community Service Ideas

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❶Help winterize homes in a poverty-stricken neighborhood. Benefits to your company and the community:

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Spruce up and paint the community or youth center. Plant a community garden. Adopt a town monument and keep it clean. Clean an elderly neighbor's driveway and sidewalk after a snowfall.

Clean up after a natural disaster. Organize a local blood drive with the American Red Cross. Plant flowers at town hall. Organize a campaign to raise money to buy and install new playground equipment for a park. Survey community agencies to learn the leading causes of accidents in your community then design a campaign to reduce accidents. Paint a mural or clean up a local park.

Plant flowers in public areas that could use some color. Mow the lawns and care for the plants of neighbors who are away on vacation. Conduct a community accessibly check to identify potential barriers for individuals with disabilities.

Plan a disabilities day where friends or classmates are given a physical disability for day and are forced to function during the day. Read aloud to a person who is visually impaired. Paint fences or park benches. Help winterize homes in a poverty-stricken neighborhood. Lend a helping hand at a local community center. Identify corners where bushes and trees make it difficult for drivers to see. Conduct a neighborhood drive to collect used furniture. Form a band with your friends and give free concerts.

If you play an instrument, help a friend learn to play. Serve as an usher at a sporting event. Get your marital arts or dance class to give a demonstration at a youth center, nursing home or school. Write and product a play about a current issue. Serve as a coach for a youth sports team. Teach a friend how to in-line skate.

Start a collection drive for old sports equipment and donate it to needy families. Get friends to assist at a sporting event. Provide refreshments at a local race or sporting event. Plant a garden or tree where the whole neighborhood can enjoy it. Set up a recycling system for your home and participate in your neighborhood curbside recycling pick-up.

Organize a car pooling campaign in your neighborhood to cut down on air pollution. Set up a seed or a plant exchange in your neighborhood. Grow fresh flowers and deliver them to someone to brighten their day. Pick up a trail during National Trail Day in June. Make bird feeders for public places.

Collect Old phone books in your neighborhood for recycling. Adopt an acre of a park or a mile of roadside to keep clean. More Information Elect a family "energy watchdog" to shut off lights, radios, and TV's when not in use.

Help everyone in your family conserve water. Clean up trash along a river or in a park. Create a habitat for wildlife. Create a campaign to encourage biking and walking. Test the health of the water in your local lakes, rivers or streams. Got places to be? Burn energy on your bike instead of taking the family car.

Participate in the Backyard Wildlife Habitat Program, Start a butterfly garden at home, at a community center, senior home or school. Sponsor an environmental slogan contest in school. Build a bluebird trail. Collect aluminum cans and donate the money to a favorite charity. Get together with friends and make conservation posters for the community center. Encourage your parents to buy products made from recycled materials.

Conduct an energy audit at your school. Monitor the indoor air quality. Organize an asbestos check. Test the drinking water for lead. Adopt an acre of rainforest. Plant a commemorative tree to honor someone. Create a children's nature garden, labeling plants and trees and scheduling guided tours. Replace trees that have died. Take household toxic waste to a proper disposal facility. Check indoor radon levels. Adopt highways and clean up clutter. Volunteer to separate recyclables. Organize a hazardous waste collection.

Start a recycling center at school. Host a recycling fair. Hold an invention contest with entries made out of recycled goods.

Form a volunteer lawn mowing service with your friends. If you see a tree that's in trouble, try to save it. Pamper it, water it, or don't water it as the case may be. Find our what's wrong with it and how to make it better. Use a lunch box instead of throwaway bags. Practice the 3 R's in your house: Adopt a park with your friends and keep it clean. More Information Bring a backpack when you shop or reuse those little plastic sacks.

Clean up a beach or riverbed. Start a compost pile and encourage your family to use it! Ask your school to use recycled paper. Repair homes or abandoned buildings. Start an Environmental Club. Hold a recycling contest. Check homes and public buildings for lead based paint. Clear a new trail at a nature center or park. Adopt a "grandfriend" Visit a nursing home. Rake leaves, shovel snow, clean gutter or wash windows for a senior citizen. Pick up medicine for an elderly person.

During bad weather, visit seniors to make sure they have everything they need. Pick up the morning paper for a senior neighbor on your way to school. Form a Mall Patrol with your friends to help seniors with their shopping. Form a kids carwash squad to clean and wash seniors' cars. Write your "grandfriend" a letter, or write letters for an elderly person. Go for a walk with a senior citizen in your community.

Hold an afternoon dance for your local nursing home. With the help of family and friends, hold a summertime play or songfest at a nursing home. Teach them your dances and ask them to teach you theirs. Deliver meals to homebound individuals. Help senior citizens in your neighborhood obtain and install locks or smoke alarms. Teach a senior friend how to use a computer or the Internet. Get a group together to sing or present a play at a nursing home.

Do something creative on the holidays for the Senior Citizens cook a meal, bake cookies, dress up in costumes, etc. Take a pet to a nursing home. Do art projects with people in nursing homes Finger painting. Offer to read to people in a nursing home. Write letters to people in a nursing home, if you can't go and visit. Teach an elderly neighbor a new card game. Call up elderly people who live on their own to see if they need anything.

Teach your senior friends how to use computers. Get with friends and form a Clean Up Club to help elderly with their house cleaning. Be a friend to the senior citizens. Volunteer at an animal shelter. Help clean up, play with the animals, or do whatever's needed to make the shelter a nicer "temporary" home for the animals. Become a foster parent. Some shelters have temporary foster care programs. You take care of a pet until they can find a permanent home for it.

Find out about raising a dog for persons with disabilities. Raise money for pet causes by organizing a pet photo session. Organize a pet show for a local nursing home. With the support of a vet clinic, organize a neuter and spay campaign to get animals neutered and spayed at a reduced rate.

Set up donation centers for animal products to be donated to needy. Then a Charity Carnival may be right for you. Plan a carnival for your backyard complete with carnival games, refreshments, and prizes and afterwards donate all the proceeds to your favorite charity. Invite friends from your neighborhood, place of worship, and your children's classes by printing up flyers indicating which charity the carnival is for and charging a set fee for entrance. You can set up a ticket booth and give guests tickets to use for the games and refreshments.

Simply type in your zip code! Volunteer together as a family. Helping others in need can bring about an incredible sense of pride and fulfillment within people. So why not use these feelings of pride and accomplishment to help build lasting family ties and memories.

Talk about the importance of giving. Family dinners are a great place to have casual conversations about giving to others in need and to plan the next family volunteer event.

Ideally, acts of service will just be something your family does. They are part of life, not special occasions. While a once yearly act of service is not something to ignore and can be instrumental in someone or something's life, it is certainly more beneficial to your child to see serving others as a way of life.

It is something we do as part of the circle of humanity. It can be hard to think of interesting and practical ways to serve others on an ongoing basis. It can be especially difficult to find one or two things that include everyone in your family, especially when you have children of varying ages. Below you will find a list of 50 possible family friendly community service ideas. Hopefully you can include one or more in your family's normal routine.

Plant a garden or tree where the whole neighborhood can enjoy it. Pick weeds and clear debris and litter from common neighborhood areas. If you do not have mandatory recycling, collect recyclables as a family. Facilitate a seed or a plant exchange in your neighborhood. Make bird feeders for public places and keep them stocked with bird seed.

Collect old phone books in your neighborhood for recycling. Clean up trash along a river or in a park. Create a habitat for wildlife. For example, owls love nesting boxes. Build one as a family and position it in an area where owls typically reside.

Collect aluminum cans from friends, family, and neighbors and donate the money to a favorite environmental charity. Volunteer to separate recyclables. If you see a tree that's in trouble, try to save it. Find out what's wrong with it and how to make it better. Pick up litter in a designated area monthly. Service Projects That Benefit Seniors Visit a nursing home. Rake leaves, shovel snow, clean gutter or wash windows for a senior citizen.

Pick up medicine for an elderly person. During bad weather, visit seniors to make sure they have everything they need. Go for a daily or weekly walk with a senior citizen.

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Community service is often organized through a local group, such as a place of worship, school, or non-profit organization, or you can start your own community service projects. Community service can even involve raising funds by donating used goods or selling used good like clothing.

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Conduct a community service project during the Big Help Day in October. Form a study group to help younger kids with their school work. These Community Service Ideas were compiled by Janet Fox, former Nebraska 4-H Extension Specialist.

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Youth group community service projects help group members build their college resumes while providing a valuable service to someone in need. In addition, the experience can teach group members how to negotiate, plan, and execute ideas, which will be helpful as they enter careers. Volunteer Teambuilding & Community Service Projects. Visit a local non-profit, senior care center or community service facility. Your group could help out with tasks such as preparing and serving meals at an orphanage, accompanying elderly people and enabling them to be more active, caring for animals, tutoring or reading to youth.

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Community service is more than something that your mom insists will look good on your high school can point you to new interests, new friends, and if . Find and save ideas about Community service on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Service projects, Community service projects and Volunteer ideas.