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7 Tips to Hire the Best Freelance Writer

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Writers use [Hire Me], in your title. Employers are to use [Hiring]. Posts with not the valid title tag will be removed instantly. Bans are permanent with no appeal process , and we maintain a blacklist of employers who failed to pay their writers. Though we do give them a chance to explain themselves, and try to arbitrate during conflicts.

Either way, bans go the other way too, and if you a writer or an employer feel like you have been treated unfairly, contact the mods immediately. If you are not seeing the submit button, click here. We usually respond within a few hours, or 24 hours at the latest. A guide to get the most out of this subreddit.

Hire Me [Hire Me] Proofreader for everything from novels to websites. I do blog posts, technical articles, eBooks and more! Hire Me [For Hire] Exceptionally well-rounded writer offering everything from professional web content to sci-fi epics. Hire Me [Hire Me] For your eyes only What better way to grab the attention of media outlets than with a press release?

Our masterful press release writers will effortlessly generate buzz around a product or development from your company. If you want to see an increase in your product sales, hiring a professional product description writer is the way to go. An email newsletter is a fantastic resource to develop a rapport with your customers and inform them of updates or new products. Your customers will receive the best email newsletters with our fast and inexpensive service.

A well-written white paper has the potential to influence the opinions or decisions of customers and important thought-leaders in your industry. By clarifying complicated issues or uses of certain products, white papers are a useful resource for businesses big and small. Our platform is a subscription-based service that gives you exclusive access to our rigorously vetted writer community.

We offer two plans you can choose from: No matter which subscription you choose, your satisfaction is our top priority. Once you choose a product and word count you need, our writer matching algorithm will pair you with a writer who is highly-specialized in their industry and niche.

It's easy to communicate with your writer, answer any questions, and provide further instructions in our client-friendly platform. We ensure you don't forget key details like focus keywords, links, and things to avoid, while also providing your writer the tools to create well-researched and compelling content, every time.

Just fill in the fields below, and we'll send a link to your email for you to download our ebook for free. Hire Writers Compelling content at an affordable price View Pricing.

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To sort easily click: jobs only, or writers only. This is a subreddit for writers looking for jobs, and for employers willing to hire them. Minimum rate is 5 cents/word, job offers below that rate would be removed. Before posting, make sure you should read the holy stickied rules post for the best results and to respect our (few) exswatgd.cfibers: K.

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Although writer portfolios may include a mix of project types, writers usually fall into one of these three categories: Content writer-These non-advertising writers are skilled at writing blog posts, ebooks, and whitepapers. Advertising writer-Many worked in ad agencies and are familiar with graphic-heavy projects, slogans, or mixed media campaigns.

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Easily find and hire affordable writers on You'll find expert writers in every industry and niche, with only the top 1% of vetted writers accepted. Try out our sleek and easy-to-use writer management platform today. % money back guarantee. Sep 05,  · So you're ready to hire a writer. Great! But before you commit, make sure you're picking the best person for the job. Here are my tips for hiring web writers.

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If you Google "hire freelance writer," you'll spend a lot of time sifting through blog posts and articles about freelance writing (like, um, this one) but not get a whole lot of actual writers. Instead, search for something like " freelance writer luxury brands " to nail your specific request. Whether you’re hiring a blog writer or a website writer, you’re entrusting your business — even if just a small part of it — to your writer. Before you place your business in someone else’s hands, make sure their quality control process is as rigorous as yours.