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Types of Probability

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❶On the other hand, researcher can design an experiment for the respondents in order to do data collection.

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The probability of a dependent event is called a conditional probability. If there are two dependent events, say A and B the conditional probability. If there are two dependent events, say A and B the conditional probability of A given that B has happened is given by ;. And the conditional probability of B given that A has happened is given by. Which represents that the probability of A, B and C is equal to the probability of A times the probability of B given that A has happened, B times the probability of C given that both A and B have happened.

It is to be noted that where conditional probability is attached to the two independent events say A and B, the conditional probabilities of A and B will be represented thus:.

The product of a prior probability and a conditional probability is the joint probability of any two dependent or independent events. The values of joint probabilities of any two events can be better represented through a table known as the Joint Probability Table in which the intersection of the rows and columns are shown as the joint probabilities of the various events. The following examples would make the point very clear. This is, also, otherwise called as unconditional probability which refers to the probability of occurrence of an event without waiting for the occurrence of another event.

The marginal probability of the events, say, A and B are represented as follows:. In a joint probability table, the marginal probability of an event can be easily calculated by adding the two joint probabilities relating to an event both row and column-wise. It is to be noted that sum of the marginal probabilities of all the related events will be equal to one.

All these have been shown in the joint probability tables as solution to the illustrations 19 and 20 above.

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probability and statistics homework includes various concepts such as the concepts of association between two variables, probability, random sampling, and estimation. Statistics is a branch of mathematic that deals with collecting and analyzing data.

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Probability refers to ‘an event’ the happing and non-happening of which is uncertain, or contingent. Literally, it means a chance, a possibility, likelihood, or an odd. We provide probability homework help.

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