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Analyzing, Interpreting and Reporting Basic Research Results

Analyze Quantitative Data

❶Whether this is an option depends to a large extent on what your program is about. It can be difficult to identify patterns or visualize what the data is showing if you are just looking at raw data.

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Analyzing and Interpreting Information
Analyze Qualitative Data

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Analyze Quantitative Data Quantitative data analysis is helpful in evaluation because it provides quantifiable and easy to understand results. Quantitative data can be .

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1/19 Quantitative data analysis. First of all let's define what we mean by quantitative data analysis. It is a systematic approach to investigations during which numerical data is collected and/or the researcher transforms what is collected or observed into numerical data.

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Analyzing Quantitative Research. The following module provides an overview of quantitative data analysis, including a discussion of the necessary steps and types of statistical analyses. Analyzing Quantitative Data. Short-cut to Examples Questionnaire Example. Devise a research method and gather your data. 6. Summarize your data in such a way that you can fill in the blanks in your tables. (Analyze your data.) 7. Interpret your data: What is the answer to each of your questions? What kind of argument will you make? 8.

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Quantitative evaluation is more easily divided into discrete stages of instrument development, data collection, data processing, and data analysis. By contrast, in qualitative evaluation, data collection and data analysis are not temporally discrete stages: as soon as the first pieces of data are collected, the evaluator begins the process of. A simple summary for introduction to quantitative data analysis. It is made for research methodology sub-topic.