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What is an intermediate frequency transformer ?

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❶Therefore, high-frequency power transformer "design features" a text, talk about performance, not talk about the cost, can not be said to be a major shortcoming, if you will seriously consider the principle of high-frequency power transformer design, the pursuit of better performance and low cost to send less than 10VA the chip switching power supply high frequency transformers, should be designed lighter, thin, short, small programs. The 6K7 is the kHz IF amplifier.

intermediate-frequency transformer

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Feb 11,  · Can intermediate frequency transformer be classified as a variable inductor? An IF transformer usually has two windings in it so it does contain variable inductors, but these may be tuned to a fixed frequency by placing capacitors across the inductors.

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Definition of INTERMEDIATE-FREQUENCY TRANSFORMER: One specially designed for coupling components and providing selectivity in an intermediate-frequency amplifier, the pass band being determined by anti-res.

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In communications and electronic engineering, an intermediate frequency (IF) is a frequency to which a carrier wave is shifted as an intermediate step in transmission or reception. The transformer used at the input and output of each intermediate-frequency amplifier stage in a superheterodyne receiver for coupling purposes and to provide selectivity. Abbreviated i-f transformer.

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Design of an I.F. Transformer. Most of the readers will be interested in kc. intermediates, so a design will be developed for this frequency. Examination of such a chart shows that kc. is the nearest frequency to kc. and will be satisfactory for our purpose. Custom manufacturer of frequency transformers, medium frequency transformers & intermediate frequency transformers. Standard insulation of transformers is V with high voltage insulation optional. Current transformers manufactured with current ratios from to , VA rating ranges from 2VA to15VA, & accuracy ranges from to