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14 Easy Printable Pumpkin Carving Patterns

Printable Daisy Pumpkin Pattern

❶They're made from crown pumpkins and butternut, delicata, and carnival squashes. Get directions for how to use these templates and how to preserve your carved pumpkins.

Party Favors Kids Can Craft

Bendy Ghost Template
Carve a Pattern

For those pumpkin carvers who are smitten with type and design, this will be the holiday template for you. Line up a series of these pumpkins on your front steps for major festive impact. Your front porch will be the spookiest one on the block when a Scary Ghost pumpkin is front and center.

Carve a spooky pumpkin for your front porch or for your Halloween party with a little help from our easy as can be scary ghost template. With a little effort, this one will make major ghoulish waves. It is Halloween, after all, and we like a bit of fun, spooky decoration. Think of this pumpkin template as more Ghostbusters -inspired and less Caspar the Friendly Ghost. For an elegant carving, try this template.

This template is one of our most autumnal; it is also one of our loveliest. This one is a favorite of gardeners, of course, as well as anyone who enjoys walking outdoors and crunching over piles of fallen leaves during this crisp season. This pumpkin looks great paired with an autumnal wreath. Weave some crisp red and gold leaves into your wreath to really tie in all elements of your fall display. Be bold this Halloween season with our bold "Boo" template.

This pumpkin carving template a fun way to lighten up your porch. It adds a little bit of festive typography to your home. Much like our slim Boo template, this one is a funny, cheeky addition to any porch or mantle. It is also a great addition to any haunted house. Carve a pretty pumpkin for your front porch with a little help from our Five Points Leaves template. What are your favorite leaves with five points?

We like our oaks too, but this is a five points leaves template, after all. These trees offer some of the brightest and boldest foliage in the area. With hues changing from green to red and gold, their leaves set our forests alight with their ever-changing autumnal radiance.

It's getting spooky around here! Give your porch a spooky spin with our Howly Ghost template. This ghost will be your go-to this holiday to scare any friends, family, or unsuspecting trick-or-treaters.

It certainly hearkens back to the origins of Halloween, when Celtic people would celebrate the holiday Samhain and use fire to ward off any ghosts that may be lurking near the area around their homes or villages.

Give your porch a dose of fall-inspired flair with our pretty Variety Leaves pumpkin template. Carve a few pumpkins with our leaf-inspired templates. You can create a cluster of leaf-adorned pumpkins by using all of our leaf templates—the Variety of Leaves template, the Five Points Leaves template, and the Fall Cluster Leaves template.

This way, you will ensure that all of the leaves are represented and that you have a pretty array of autumnal pumpkins, all a bit different but still gorgeous and foliage-inspired.

It will create visual interest plus a sophisticated, varied pumpkin scene. After all, variety is the spice of life. A great addition to the window or an easy template for pumpkin carving, this spooky cat is the perfect decorative accessory for Halloween. Looking for a fun and inexpensive way to add a little spooky to your yard or porch this Halloween?

All you need is some black craft foam, googly eyes and fishing line to create a flock of wild, weatherproof bats. Thank You Labels 4. A fun way to add a spook-factor to your next Halloween party is to label food, goodie bags and more with Halloween's creepiest mascot, the bat.

Adorable "thank you" tags are the perfect accessory to a tasty goodie bag following a fabulous Halloween party. Pointy Princess Crown 2.

Curvy Princess Crown 3. Creating a princess crown is simple with just a couple of pieces of cardstock and a triangle pattern. For a fab princess crown, consider making your own out of cardstock.

You can even let the little princess color it herself! A simple mouth with a couple of buckteeth is the perfect addition to any Halloween jack-o'-lantern.

Frame your favorite spooky photos or pictures from Halloweens past with a cute border featuring Halloween colors and festive sayings. Bat and Spider Labels 4. Try adding fun Halloween-inspired labels to goodie bags for an extra-spooky touch at your next Halloween party. Every cupcake looks cuter with a label, especially when it's as cute as these Halloween-themed party labels.

Even cupcakes deserve a cute costume on Halloween. Dress up the desserts at your next Halloween party with cute labels and festive sayings. Cupcakes with purple or green chevron stripe baking cups and matching toppers are the perfect dessert for a festive and fun Halloween party. Black Stripe Candy Bar Wrapper 2. Orange Stripe Candy Bar Wrapper 3. Spooky Halloween Bottle Wraps. Personalize the candy bars you give out to trick-or-treaters or at your next Halloween party by covering store-bought chocolate bars in a fun Halloween-themed wrapper.

Create your own candy bars for your next Halloween party or to give to trick-or-treaters by printing out the cute label and wrapping store-bought chocolate bars. Dress up the witches' brew at your next Halloween party by adding your own labels. Guests are sure to be impressed. Halloween Cupcake Party Invite 2. Haunted House Invite 3.

Monster Mash Invite 4. Spooky Halloween Blank Invite. The perfect Halloween party starts with the perfect invite, like this sweet invitations for a Halloween-themed cupcake party.

A homemade invitation to a Halloween party includes important information, including the where, the when, and a place to let the invitee know who's hosting the shindig. Invite guests to your next Halloween party in spooky style with a colorful invite with all the gory details. This spooky Halloween party invitation features a trendy green chevron print, creepy spider, and all the important party information.

Halloween Bats for Wall 2. Flying Bats Template 4. Get creative with your Halloween party candy and treats by displaying them in various ways. Jars in variety of sizes, candy cups and embellished bags are all great choices! A pair of cute bats carved into a pumpkin is the perfect way to greet trick-or-treaters this Halloween. Amp up your Halloween party by covering the wall, party cups and more with this fun black-and-white striped design that's equal parts spooky and stylish.

Home Design Make and Celebrate Handmade. From printable party invites to cute cupcake, gift bag and party favor embellishments plus pumpkin-carving templates and props for a photo booth, we'll help you get your spook on this Halloween. Pinterest Facebook Twitter Email. Halloween Entertaining Halloween Crafts. Party Favors Kids Can Craft. Homemade Halloween Party Favor Bags Plain fabric bags are transformed into kid-pleasing Halloween party favors with paint and glitter.

Glitter Tote Bag for Halloween Get kids ready for trick-or-treating with a custom-painted and glittered Halloween tote bag. Adorable Halloween Snack Idea Cut licorice ropes into several short strips, and then place around rock candy stick. Homemade Halloween Headbands Turn plain headbands into fun Halloween party favors and costume props with card stock cat ears or a tiny witch's hat. Beginner Pumpkin Carving Template Videos. Intro to Carving Introduction to pumpkin carving for the novice and a review for the expert.

Intro to Carving Unique Carving Tips Like with the other techniques, cut the excess paper off from around the design, and tape tightly to the pumpkin.

You can crease the paper or cut slits in areas that have no important design elements, to help you wrap it around the curved surface. Then using the poking tool that came with your kit or push pin , poke holes along the lines of the pattern, just deep enough to pierce the paper and pumpkin skin. When you remove the paper, you'll have dotted lines you can follow with your carving saw.

Once your pattern is transfered, now is a good time to double check the thickness of your pumpkin. Stick your carving blade into various spots on the design that will be cut out, and ensure that the blade goes all the way through to the inside. If not, time for a little more scraping inside with a scoop or clay loop.

Hold your carving saw however feels most comfortable, probably like a pencil. Follow along the lines of the pattern, cutting with an up-and-down sawing motion, so the teeth of the blade can chew through that pumpkin flesh.

You also want to be pushing the blade straight into the center of the pumpkin -- too much of an angle will make the pieces harder to remove and won't let out as much candle light later. Gradually turn the handle of the blade as you cut curved lines, but for sharp angles in the design, remove the saw and reinsert at the new angle. Don't twist the blade unless you want it to snap. To keep the surface stable while carving, work your way out from the center of the design.

Generally I like to start with small details in the middle, like a character's eyes and teeth. Gradually work your way outward, saving the largest shapes for last. While it's tempting to poke out the cut pieces right away, consider leaving them in place until you're all done carving.

This will add stability, which is especially crucial for detailed designs. When you're done, push the pieces out gently. Depending on the angle of your cuts, you might find that some pieces pull outward, while others want to be pushed in. Remove them in the direction of least resistance, so you don't break anything. Large sections may need to be cut into smaller pieces for removal. If you're having trouble telling what pieces should pop out, refer to the original pattern.

The pieces shaded in grey are what you remove. People often ask how I get my carvings looking so clean. My biggest tip is to bring the pumpkin to the sink for a final clean up stage.

Let water run through all the cut holes -- a sink spray hose is perfect here. This water rinse will flush out any stray bits of pumpkin pulp, making the cut lines look clean, with lots of light shining through. Speaking of light, while the pumpkin is still in the sink, you can dim lights and shine a flashlight inside to preview your work.

This is your opportunity to do some touch up work if necessary. If some lines look crooked, or certain holes aren't letting enough light through, trim away a little more with your most fine-toothed detail saw. And then rinse the holes with water again! The biggest enemy to the beauty of your carving is dehydration. This is a battle easily fought, however.

Coating the cut edges with a thin layer of petroleum jelly Vaseline will seal in the moisture, so your character won't shrivel and become unrecognizable. Use your finger for large areas, a cotton swab to apply to tights spots.

If you get too much Vaseline on the surface, wipe it down with a wet paper towel, and then dry with another paper towel. You only need the Vaseline on the exposed cut surfaces.

If your design does shrivel, a soak in water for a few hours can resurrect it. When not on display, I tightly cover the cut holes with plastic cling wrap.

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Print your carving template design choices on thin to regular weight paper. The thinner the paper, the easier to trace the design through the paper into the flesh of your pumpkin (or watermelon). Sculpting lightly into the rind of the pumpkin without going all the way through will create shadowy effects and give your design strange, bizarre.

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From printable party invites to cute cupcake, gift bag and party favor embellishments plus pumpkin-carving templates and props for a photo booth, we'll help you get your spook on this Halloween. Pinterest; Facebook; Twitter; Paper bats climbing the wall add a fabulous spook factor to this Halloween dessert table. From: Kim Stoegbauer.

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When you remove the paper, you'll have dotted lines you can follow with your carving saw. Hole poke transfer method Once your pattern is transfered, now is a good time to double check the thickness of your pumpkin. Premium 3 Piece Pumpkin Carving Kit (Plus 15 Pumpkin Carving Pattern/Stencil E-Book) Sturdy Stainless Steel Pumpkin Tools Crafted For Efficiency While Carving Your Pumpkin, by Creative Carving Paper Craft Tools; Paper Stencils; Scrapbooking & Stamping Supplies See more; Kitchen & Dining. Cutlery & Knife Accessories; Fruit & Vegetable Tools.

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Saral White Transfer Paper 12' x " Roll, good for many, many pumpkins! $ per Roll This is one of the Wizard's favorite transfer papers. Get your carving tools out, because we have lots of easy pumpkin carving ideas—from spooky to jolly—to make your house Halloween ready.