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A time for congressional term limits

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❶Imagine if all elected members of the House and Senate woke up with that same urgency and sense of purpose. As ratified in , the Twenty-Second Amendment provides that "no person shall be elected to the office of President more than twice".

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But don't let this sudden momentum on the right for term limits fool you. It's almost certainly not going to happen anytime soon, for a variety of reasons, such as these:. The Supreme Court ruled as much in As I wrote in October when Trump first proposed term limits: A 5-to-4 decision essentially wiped off the books term-limit laws that 23 states had for their congressional delegations. The decision didn't affect term limits for state legislatures, and there are 15 states that impose them.

That means that for congressional term limits to become legal again, Congress would have to amend the Constitution. Trump proposed a constitutional amendment during the campaign, and one member of Congress, Rep. It's one of the most difficult things to do in politics. Alternatively, 34 states could agree to call a constitutional convention to go around Congress, which has never happened.

As I previously wrote, only 27 proposals out of countless ideas in our country's year history have climbed that steep hill. The idea of term limits tends to get better reception on the right, so it's worth pointing out that Republicans control the legislatures in 32 states. And journalists, depending on whom you're talking to. Political scientists say limiting how long lawmakers can stay in Washington would only empower the infrastructure surrounding Congress, like lobbyists and, yes, the media.

The idea of a majority of lawmakers voting to end their political careers is laughable, at least in the near future. History is littered with broken self-imposed term-limit promises. It would empower people outside the Capitol. A staffer's job is to be the expert in a subject area for their boss. The Fix Analysis Analysis Interpretation of the news based on evidence, including data, as well as anticipating how events might unfold based on past events.

Term limits for Congress are still not going to happen. Learn something new every day More Info There have traditionally not been any term limits in the United States Congress, though the issue is one that has been debated for decades. Congressional term limits are usually understood to be legal restrictions on the duration or total length of time a person can serve as an elected representative or senator. Officials are usually appointed for a set period of time, but they can in most cases run for reelection continually, meaning that, if they keep winning, they could effectively hold onto the seat for life.

The effect is that many long-standing politicians have essentially made being either a representative or a senator their entire careers, which some people argue was not the intent of the founders who designed the system.

Many debates and court cases have ensued, but as a general rule term limits have not been imposed in Congress. Each member of the House of Representatives is initially elected to serve a two-year term, while senators are typically elected for six years. The term limits debate normally focuses on how many times a person can be reelected, either consecutively or in sum. Many members of Congress have served multiple terms; the late Senator Robert Byrd of West Virginia was elected the first time in and served until , for instance, and Massachusetts Senator Ted Kennedy served from to his death in The idea of term limits, in Congress and in politics generally, is one that has been debated in most countries for centuries.

The discussion actually got its start in ancient times, when both Greeks and Romans imposed term limits on certain offices. Scholars generally believe that George Washington and Thomas Jefferson wanted to design government leadership positions to temporary by design, but James Madison and Alexander Hamilton opposed.

At one point there were no limits on the terms of any U. This changed in when Congress passed the 22nd Amendment to the Constitution, effectively limiting any president to two four-year terms.

No limits were placed on members of Congress, though. In the elections of , for instance, part of the Republican platform was to pass legislation setting term limits in Congress. After winning the majority they brought a constitutional amendment to the House floor that would have limited members of the Senate to two six-year terms and members of the House to six two-year terms.

Because the Republicans held seats in the House, they were able to get a simple majority. However, Constitutional amendments require a two-thirds majority, or votes, and the votes to restrict term limits fell short of that number.

In May of , the U. Supreme Court ruled against term limits in Congress in the case of U. By a vote, the justices found that states could not lawfully impose term limits on representatives or senators.

The matter did not resurface in Congress, though some members made individual pledges to limit their own terms. Some stood by their word and did not run for reelection when their time was up; others changed their minds and continued pursuing politics as a career path.

Whether there will ever be term limits in Congress is largely a matter for the public to decide. There have been times when this issue is a very popular and hotly contested one, and other times when top voices seem mostly quiet on the topic. In many ways the entire congressional structure is built around an understanding of rank and seniority, and this would necessarily have to change if term limits were in place. Why not start a petition? We can get plenty of support especially with the Occupy Wall Street movement.

Once elected, they work for the bettering of themselves, and the hell with the American people. It should be a limited time they work, so if not they are not approved by the citizens of the US, we could get them out and replace them with others who will do what's best for the people.

There has been no change through the years as the United States has revolved around all these long-term politicians. The purpose of this amendment was to propose an amendment to the Constitution that limits the number of terms a member of Congress may serve. You can check out the roll call on this at the senate website.

Fresh new blood brings new ideas and methods into the playing field. Negotiate and compromise would have true value in supporting the folks who elected them into office. Term limits in the Supreme Court would limit left or right ideologies. They would preserve as well as represent the US Constitution. They represent "we the people" and as Americans, we should not accept anything less. By walking the walk and talking the talk, we can inspire the world. Do you really think those guys and girls are going to vote themselves out of a job?

What we should do is have a law passed that would make it a federal offense for a lobbyist to do any kind of business involving the government or to even show up on the hill, with an absolutely certain jail term involved.

Then, have another law passed that would put a limit on any contributions made by large corporations or rich people or banks to representatives that were running for office and that would include the president and anyone that is running for that office. I think that would curb a lot of this crap that goes on in Washington. The cancer that is killing American Democracy is the money spent on campaigns.

How can a person raise 10's of millions and not favor that source's interests? I am sure that this is why Asian factories were allowed to run my industry printed circuit boards completely out of America. England is much smaller than USA, but they do have ceilings on their campaign spending. I am confident that the advertising agencies who earns millions off of campaigns are contributing back to those congressmen to not limit the money that can be spent on them!

Do you people really continue to hold on to the myth that the Politicians are elected by you, the voter? The government is run by the big banks, big corporations and that is all there is to it. They are the ones who pick and choose who will be the "Peoples representatives".

It is a fact, live with it. Where do I go to sign up. I'm asian, so curious about your nation's political thing. I hope that i can reply asap. What do we really have to lose? If all of you are fed up as much as I am let's start a movement that can be heard all the way to Washington!

Congressmen are now looking more towards their next job opportunity and less at what they're doing right now.

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The term limits for Congress grassroots revolt is spreading like wildfire. Help us bypass Congress and impose term limits on the House and Senate by signing the national term limits .

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However, Constitutional amendments require a two-thirds majority, or votes, and the votes to restrict term limits fell short of that number. Court Rulings. In May of , the U.S. Supreme Court ruled against term limits in .

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Sign the term limits on Congress petition: Therefore Be It Resolved, that I do hereby support a Term Limits Convention to enact a constitutional amendment for term limits on members of the U.S. Senate and on members of The House of Representatives. Others object to term limits on the grounds that the founders already built term limits into the Constitution: every two years for a member of the House and every six years in the Senate via elections.

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Watch video · During the presidential campaign, Donald Trump made term limits for Congress an integral part of his plan for how to make Washington less, well, swampy. We didn't hear much from him about the idea. The New Jersey House also passed a term limits measure in , but the state Senate, relying on an advisory opinion from its in-house counsel that term limits are unconstitutional, refused to vote on the bill.