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The Alchemist (Coelho): Theme Analysis

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The Alchemist Essay: The Main Conflict
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Two days later, Paulo was kidnapped and tortured by a group of paramilitaries. He worked as an executive in the music industry. He tried his hand at writing but did not start seriously until after he had an encounter with a stranger.

Diary of Magus and a year later wrote a very different book, The Alchemist. Paulo Coehlo is an outspoken activist for peace and social justice. In his long and successful career, Paulo Coehlo has written about fourteen books and below is the list of his collection. For this reason Paulo Coehlo has transcended as one of the most famous novelist in the world and his novels have touched the hearts of people everywhere.

Some of the best inspirational quotes of Paulo Coehlo are: But everything that happens twice will surely happen a third time. The Alchemist This book is one of the bestselling books of all the times, more than 65 million copies have been sold and has been translated in more than 67 languages.

Along the way meets different characters that will point him to the direction of his dreams. During this journey to discover the secret treasure, he will face many obstacles, but at the end it will teach him the importance of listening to his heart to transform the power of his dreams in reality.

In the end, he realizes that playing it safe is often more threatening to his freedom than taking a risk. Melchizedek appears to Santiago in the town square of Tarifa, where he tells Santiago about the Soul of the World and his Personal Legend for the first time.

While he appears at first to be dressed in common Arab dress, at one point he pulls aside his cloak to reveal a gold breastplate encrusted with precious stones. He also gives Santiago the magical stones Urim and Thummim. Santiago meets the Englishman on the caravan to Al-Fayoum.

The Englishman is trying to become a great alchemist and is traveling to Al-Fayoum to study with a famous alchemist who is rumored to be over years old and to have the ability to turn any metal into gold. Santiago learns much about alchemy from the Englishman, who lends Santiago his books while they travel across the Sahara. Santiago falls in love with her at the well there. He and Fatima talk everyday for several weeks, and finally he asks her to marry him.

Fatima, however, insists that he seek out his Personal Legend before they marry. The Alchemist dresses in all black and uses a falcon to hunt for game. Along the way, he learns to listen to his heart and, more importantly, realizes that his dreams, or his Personal Legend, are not just his but part of the Soul of the Universe. Santiago is a humble shepherd whose desires are few he wants to be free to roam with his sheep, to have some wine in his wineskin and a book in his bag.

Fate intervenes, however, in the form of the recurring dream of a great treasure hidden thousands of miles away at the base of the Egyptian Pyramids. When Santiago meets Melchizedek, a strange wise man who claims he is a king from a far-off land, he decides to seek his treasure. The next day, Santiago sells his sheep and embarks to Africa to pursue his dream.

Upon arriving in Africa, though, it becomes apparent that things will not be as easy as he thought. The first day Santiago is in Tangiers, he is robbed and left completely alone, unable to speak a single word of Arabic. At first Santiago contemplates giving up and turning around. He remembers the words of the wise man, though, and decides to carry on getting a job at a local crystal shop. After working at the crystal shop for a year, learning much about life and about his Personal Legend, Santiago earns enough money to buy a new flock of sheep and return home.

At the last minute, though, Santiago decides to risk it all and join a caravan to Egypt. Once in the caravan, Santiago meets an Englishman who has come all the way to Africa to seek a renowned alchemist. As they travel through the desert, the Englishman tells Santiago about the secrets of alchemy. Santiago, however, prefers to learn these secrets by observing the world, while the Englishman prefers to learn from complex books. While they travel, they begin to hear rumors of a coming tribal war.

When they finally arrive at the Al-Fayoum oasis the home of the titular Alchemist Santiago meets a beautiful girl named Fatima with whom he immediately falls in love.

He discovers that love, like the Personal Legend, comes directly from the Soul of the World. While walking in the desert, Santiago has a vision of an upcoming battle. He rushes back to warn the elders at the oasis and, when his vision is confirmed, they offer him a position as a counselor. Santiago considers staying at the oasis with Fatima, but the Alchemist finds Santiago and tells him that he will lead Santiago to his treasure.

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Critical Analysis of The Alchemist essays "My heart is afraid that it will have to suffer," The boy tells the alchemist one night as they looked up at the moonless sky. The alchemist replies "Tell your heart that the fear of suffering is worse that the suffering itself.

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The Alchemist is a really good book and the author, Paulo Coelho, does a great job of relating the story in a way that will inspire lectors in many aspects of their life such as personal or professional.

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Alchemist Analytical Essay Mentor Figures in The Alchemist The Alchemist is a philosophical story by Paulo Coelho about a boy named Santiago who follows his dreams. He sets off on an arduous journey to the Egyptian pyramids and learns many valuable lessons as he attempts to uncover hidden treasure. Essay about "The Alchemist" Analysis BOOK: The Alchemist AUTHOR: Paulo Coelho Thesis Statement: The novel “The Alchemist ” by Paulo Coelho is an emotive story that has reached many lectors and for its popularity, this novel has transcended by .

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Aug 28,  · Suggested Essay Topics How does Santiago’s spiritual journey parallel the alchemist’s practice of transforming metal into gold? What are the weaknesses that Santiago sees in his flock of sheep, and how do they relate to the weaknesses of human beings who fail to pursue their Personal Legends? Literary analysis involves examining all the parts of a novel, play, short story, or poem—elements such as character, setting, tone, and imagery—and thinking about how the author uses those elements to create certain effects.