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Graduate Thesis, Project, and Dissertation Guidelines

Graduate Studies

❶Branch campuses of British, Australian and Middle East universities in Malaysia use the respective models of the home campuses to examine their PhD or MPhil candidates. Unless otherwise directed by their Committee, the Candidate need not have obtained Committee approval on the thesis or dissertation e.

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At the third and final treatment session those who rated their improvement according to the above descriptions were classified as a success while the remaining patients were deemed unsuccessful.

At this point the patient's participation in the study was complete and further treatment was provided per the therapist's discretion. The effect size and associated confidence interval were calculated for all patients as well as for the group of patients that met the CPR. In addition, to investigate the reliability of the historical and physical examination 22 subjects were evaluated by two therapists. Chapter 4 details the results of the study. The six variables that formed the most accurate combination of predictors for identifying patients with neck pain likely to benefit from TSTM were 1.

No symptoms distal to the shoulder, 3. Patient reporting that looking up did not aggravate symptoms, 4. Decreased upper thoracic spine kyphosis at T3—T5, and 6. Of 78 subjects, 42 experienced successful outcomes. There were no significant differences between the 2 groups in terms of the use of medication or the number of cavitations or pops experienced. Chapter 5 provides a summary of the study and its findings.

The reliability for the cervical ROM measurements in the study were moderate to substantial and reflected the reliability findings of other studies reported in the literature. The author proposes future studies to validate the CPR where patients are randomly assigned to receive TSTM or an alternate intervention.

With regard to this thesis and as indicated by Dr. Cleland, additional studies should be performed to validate this CPR by applying it to patients in other treatment settings including private practice and HMO settings. It would also be interesting to perform a similar study that excludes the confounding variable of ROM exercise, as the author concedes that the results of the study cannot specifically be attributed to TSTM, because cervical ROM exercise was also incorporated. Finally, additional studies investigating the long-term effects of TSTM are also needed.

Although the results of this study have recently been published in a journal article, review of the actual thesis is warranted due to its valuable and expanded discussion of the literature and the informative appendices provided. This becomes evident when the study is examined using the mixed methods checklist provided by Creswell and Plano-Clark According to Creswell and Plano-Clark , the first step in the mixed methods checklist is to assess the study's topic.

The second step is to identify the purpose of the study. Globalization Unplugged In Globalization Unplugged: Sovereignty and the Canadian State in the Twenty-First Century, Peter Urmetzer tackles the issue of whether globalization truly detracts from a country's sovereignty.

While reviewing the literature and history of globalization, he evaluates the term 'globalization' from all angles to find a better understanding of what is meant by it. Although he comes to the conclusion, after careful consideration, that it is impossible to define what globalization is, he establishes that globalization is not a new phenomenon, and he backs up this point with solid evidence.

Most significant, to his argument however, is an understanding of how this globalization and capitalism has affected Canada. In making his claim that globalization does not hinder the sovereignty of a nation-state, Urmetzer…. More specifically, he points out that more research needs to be done in the area of distance education, especially about how distance education affects society and vice versa.

Furthermore, the scholar suggests that in this research regarding distance education, researchers are pursuing a goal to find something new and different that can revolutionize the world of distance education. That something new may be in the form of adapting other types of education research to distance education. For example, Holmberg brings up constructivism and its connection with distance education.

Finally, the educator remarks that while his theories of distance education so far have been based primarily on methodology, a…. Learn English with James: We hope this will help you decide whether this is a valid solution for you.

For any other questions not covered here, feel free to send us an email at query chanakya-research. A team of subject matter expert, academic writer and statistician will be working on the dissertation.

This, the work will be shared through an online process. However, we shall remain open for minor queries and clarifications needed at your end. We understand that there are deadlines which need to be considered while submitting dissertation.

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A thesis review is one of the final steps in the writing of a long document known as a "thesis." Theses are prepared by undergraduate seniors and by master's. This dissertation project has already produced a landmark peer-reviewed article that was recently published in Physical Therapy 3. Chapter 1 provides an introduction to the thesis and outlines the goals of the study.

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